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About this Workshop


Join me in this Workshop, where Learners will learn the basics of relief printmaking by drawing or cutting out shapes and images into styrofoam printing plates, and then color and print them for a fun, addictive, and reusable project!

Printmaking is one of the oldest and most important art-making processes in the world. We will learn how carving, pressing objects onto, or drawing onto your plate creates different textures, patterns, and shapes, while also learning the relationship between positive and negative space in an image.

Printmaking encourages experimental methods of making art. Combine printmaking with drawing, painting, or even sculpting to make something totally new! This is also a fun way to make sentimental cards, stamps, or mini posters to share with friends and family.  Printmaking is often considered a bridge between arts and crafts, since it is used so much for commercial production.

I first learned basic printmaking in elementary school through simple projects like this, and it really grew into a fun hobby and interest that I've been able to practice all through college.  I am excited to share my love of printmaking with you!

What You'll Need

GLOkit What's a GLOkit?


Relief Printmaking GLOkit

This GLOkit contains: five styrofoam printing plates and ten sheets of paper.

GLOkit Included

Additional Supplies

Learners will also need:

  • A pencil or ballpoint pen
  • Washable markers (Crayols, Roseart etc.)
  • A spray bottle filled with water
  • Paper towels

Technical Requirements

You will need a device (computer or tablet) that is equipped with a camera, microphone, and speakers. For more information, please check out our Technical Requirements page.

Meet the Instructor

instructor headshot

Kierstin WohlgemuthView Profile

Hi, I'm Kierstin!  I am originally from the Chicago suburbs, but moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to pursue my BFA.  My favorite thing to do in Wisconsin is go camping.  There are so many beautiful forests and nature preserves.  Even though I live in the city, I love driving out to the nature preserve to go for a nice walk amongst the trees.  Art has always been a huge part of my life, and I am so excited to get to share my passion with others!  Aside from art, I also really love animals-my cat Banjo and my lizard Wirt are my two sidekicks.

I was always a pretty shy kid, and had a hard time making friends.  I remember being in daycare with one teacher who everyone adored, and I really wanted her to like me but was afraid she wouldn't because I was too shy to talk to her.  So I secretly drew a picture of her, and when I gave it to her she was SO happy and excited!  She even put it up on the bulletin board next to the class calendar.  I remember this being one of the first times someone really showed that they cared about something I made for them, and she was always super excited to see what I was drawing after that.  Art was the only way I knew how to express myself, and having someone else both understand that and be really encouraging about it was so important for me as a child and growing artist.

As a kid, I always loved making friendship bracelets and bead jewelry.  When the pandemic first started, I felt like it was really hard to make the kind of art I usually make.  So instead, I just started making friendship bracelets and sending them to all my friends so we'd have a way to keep in touch without seeing each other.  I don't think I'm as good as making them as I was when I was younger, but making things to share with other people is one of the best things about the arts.

I am so happy to be offering a printmaking Workshop!  Printmaking is used EVERYWHERE, but so many people don't know what it is!  I want to show people how important this method of art-making is, and how fun and versatile it can be.  I also want to show Learners that there are so many different ways to make art and anyone can do it!

In addition to printmaking, I love creating watercolor paintings and drawings. Lately, I've been learning a lot about clay sculpture and have been having so much fun experimenting!

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Relief Printmaking