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Betty Brinn Children’s Museum brings you Play in the Cloud - powered by GLOMADO! Discover playful learning that encourages your child to wonder through creative, hands-on workshops led in real-time by Instructors from across the globe.

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Platform Features

Why Play in the Cloud powered by GLOMADO?

Experience small, hands-on, real-time workshops led by artisans and educators from around the world.

Small Workshops

Our goal is to foster connection and facilitate learning - both of which happen best in small groups. We limit the number of Workshop participants to six or less, so all Learners have the chance to contribute and receive meaningful feedback during the workshop.

Hands-on Activities

Active participation results in richer, more memorable learning experiences. All of our Workshops involve making or doing something, so even the youngest of Learners can engage.

Real-time Interactions

We believe in the value of human and cultural connections. Our interactive Workshops take place online in real-time, so Learners and Instructors can truly connect with each other.

Wonder & Exploration

Our mission is to inspire all children to wonder and explore their world through play and innovative, hands-on learning experiences. Our creative Workshop Instructors are excited to provide authentic and engaging learning experiences as they share their knowledge, skills and culture.

How it works

The Adventure Starts Here

01Find a Workshop

Browse our Workshops by activity type, age, country, or keyword using the search bar. We offer Workshops for the whole family. You decide if your Learner(s) will work independently, or if you (or other curious adults!) would like to join.

Find a Workshop

02Claim Your Seat

Select a day and time which fits your schedule and enter the number of Learners attending the Workshop. Many Workshops come with GLOkits, which are small kits that contain the main Workshop supplies, as provided by our Instructors. The number of registered Learners determines how many GLOkits will be included in your order.

Claim Your Seat

03Get Glo-ing!

On the day of your Workshop, you’ll receive an email with a custom link to join your Workshop. You can also join directly from your account dashboard by clicking the “Join Workshop” button, which will appear a few minutes before your Workshop begins. Then, the fun begins — enjoy learning, making and doing with people from all over the world!

Get Glo-ing!

Worldwide Talent

About Our Instructors

GLOMADO Instructors

The GLOMADO team has traveled to dozens of countries (and counting!) to find a diverse array of talented and energetic individuals: GLOMADO Instructors. Every GLOMADO Instructor has been rigorously vetted and trained to deliver the perfect balance of fun, creativity, and guidance within each Workshop.

Our Instructors have unique backgrounds, stories, and creative styles - just like you! While no two Instructors are exactly alike, all GLOMADO Instructors offer something beautifully unique, both personally and culturally. We select our Instructors based on their individual skill sets, but we also purposefully choose Instructors with a genuine desire to connect with our Learners. We are inspired by our Instructors every day, and we know they’ll inspire you, too.

Betty Brinn Children's Museum Instructors

Betty Brinn Children’s Museum educators specialize in developing hands-on, playful learning experiences for children that support their academic, social, emotional and physical development. Our Instructors design interactive enrichment opportunities that help children discover their interests, gain knowledge, experiment, create, and learn by doing!

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Who We Are

About Us

About Betty Brinn Children’s Museum (Milwaukee, WI)

The mission of the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum is to inspire all children to wonder and explore their world through play and innovative, hands-on learning experiences. The Museum, a non-profit organization established in 1995, serves as a premier educational resource for children and families in southeastern Wisconsin. The Museum works to foster the intellectual, social and emotional growth of all children by sparking playful learning experiences, which are offered at its interactive Milwaukee Museum and through online educational programming, community outreach, off-site educational instruction, and professional development for educators. 


GLOMADO stands for GLObal MAkers and DOers. It is the first platform that brings people of all ages, backgrounds and geographic locations together to take part in live, online workshops led by Instructors from across the globe. Betty Brinn Children’s Museum has partnered with GLOMADO to provide families with exciting and accessible at-home learning activities!