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Horacio Cadzco

Hi!  I'm Horacio!  I am a contemporary artist based in Mexico City.  I have been on the international art scene, working as a professional artist since 2005.  I love making art and I love working with others to share the experience of art being used to enrich our lives.

I believe that art is a bridge between every culture and all human beings.  It is a way to communicate and understand the reality of others. It can help us all be conscious about the complexity of our different cultures and societies.

In my own art I like to explore life through collage.  Additionally, I have been dedicated to organizing exhibitions, where I direct lectures and workshops, as well as invite international artists to visit and exhibit.  We bring in different projects from abroad and help them land here in Mexico. For example, I have worked extensively with German artists. Recently I directed the second edition of the QIPORAIR art fair, which presented twenty galleries from around the world here in Mexico City.

I have been interested in art for as long as I can remember.  When I was a little kid I would craft little houses in my garden with my brother.  I loved to make little houses with soil. It is a very early and happy memory.

When I was younger my family would spend time together preparing traditional Mexican desserts.  We would also get together to decorate the grave of our grandparents, and we would have a party in the graveyard with friends and family.  I share more info about these traditions in my Sugar Skull Workshop!

My favorite thing about where I live is there is a lot of freedom.  I love my city - we live with freedom and a cool multicultural vibe.  Our city is always full of visitors from all over the world. We have amazing cultural offerings here - there are tons of museums, galleries and festivals.  There is also amazing ancient history in Mexico. Nowadays, our ancient history is mixing with very modern and progressive artistic sentiments. All in all it is fun and beautiful!  Plus - the weather is really great. :)

Horacio Cadzco
Horacio Cadzco