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About this Workshop


This Workshop will introduce Learners to Bereginya- the practice of Slavic Gymnastics, or Slavic Yoga.  Slavic yoga is a physical and mental exercise, steeped in the traditions and culture of Central and Eastern Europe.  Historically it was a way for Slavic woman to keep their strength and care for their health, and an important part of navigating short summer and severe winters.

The movements and poses are inspired by nature, mimicking animals or plants. Compiled into sets of seven, they are practiced depending on the season, weather, and even the practicing person’s date of birth.  The origins, however, are shrouded in mystery, and are believed to be a system of physical and spiritual practices based on the beliefs of ancient Slavs.

The exercises are a set of 27 practices that aim at strengthening, stretching and relaxing the body, stimulating the endocrine system, as well as helping with stress, unblocking emotions and lifting our mood.  They are specific for women and the movements have been passed down from grandmother and mother to daughter

This energy ritual passed from generation to generation, and people believe it’s much more than just a set of exercises- that it’s a medicine, philosophy and wisdom of tradition where bad charm is locked down by talismans hidden in embroidered symbols.  

Bereginya is named after a goddess from Slavic mythology, and focuses on thighs, hips, abdomen, uterus and female reproductive system.  It is believed that these movements not only strengthen muscles, but also improve functioning endocrine system prevent development of diseases.

I love to teach women Slavic yoga, and have been doing so for years, both in person and online.  In each lesson we will start with an intention, and do a short meditation to focus our mind on a certain idea.  The essence of this method is that during the lesson we not only work with the body, through stretching to create balance, and harmony,  we also do it mentally, directing our attention to our goals.

This practice is about your happiness as a woman.  About harmony.  About building strong family and relationships.  About energy connections, and about creating a beautiful space around you!

Regular exercises help you to understand and love your body, to care for it and treat it like a temple.  A temple, where the heart can be in silence accept the lessons of life.  The power of Woman's yoga is the blessing of the Universe.  I hope to see you in my class.    



What You'll Need

GLOkit What's a GLOkit?

This Workshop does not require a GLOkit.

Additional Supplies

Each learner should bring:

  • A yoga mat (optional)
  • A small blanket (optional)
  • A good mood!

Technical Requirements

You will need a device (computer or tablet) that is equipped with a camera, microphone, and speakers. For more information, please check out our Technical Requirements page.

Meet the Instructor

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Tanya LadushkaView Profile

Hi! I am Tanya. I live on a farm in Latvia.  What I love most about living on a farm is the fresh air I can breathe, the meadows I can walk, the goats I can raise, and the garden I tend to.  I also get to swim in my own pond, walk in my forest, and watch flowers growing.

In my art, I enjoy working with many different materials.  When I was a child, I used to like designing postcards. I used to felt (which means to make things out of felt) jewelry and shoes.  I've also learned how to make beeswax candles and textile dolls, and in the process, cotton and beeswax have become my favorite materials to work with.

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Grounding and Exhilarating

by Irene on

The poses so resonated with my energy. The instructor Tanya was very informative and gave background information that made it that much more meaningful. She has a kind and generous spirit which is very rare these days. The only negative aspect is that there is no recording or drawings that I could use to practice the poses. With that said I look forward to getting those poses from Tanya. I would love to continue this with her as well. I am so glaad to have spent time with her.

Joyful Ancestral Healing!

by Hilary on

I feel so much gratitude for Tanya offering this workshop and her knowledge and skill at sharing this ancient movement form. It helped me to tap right into the innate wisdom of my own body and integrate some ancestral healing at a very deep level. My heart now feels much more open, clear and joyful a day later. What a gift! I look forward to learning more!

So relaxing and fun!

by Emily on

I loved this class. It was so meaningful and easy to follow. Tanya was an informed and engaging teacher, and I got just what I was hoping for.

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Slavic Yoga for Women