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About this Workshop


In this Workshop, Learners will use the elements of art to draw their own still life, using only a pencil. 

Learners will exercise their observational skills while drawing their chosen objects, arranged in their desired composition.  This workshop relies heavily on observation and looking.  The goal of drawing this still life is to record as much of the information that the Learners observe.

It is my intention for the Learners to create their still lifes with fun in mind.  This isn’t an exercise to see who is “good” at drawing.  This is an exercise in interpretation.  The Learner observes the composition that they have created for themselves using objects from around their home, and lays out their interpretation in their sketchbook using the elements of art.  How does the Learner experience the use of line?  Are the shapes of objects organic or inorganic?  How can a certain texture be achieved in drawing?  Can an eraser actually be a mark making tool?  These are examples of the types of questions I would like the Learners to begin thinking about before, during, and after the Workshop.

Please note: This Workshop is recommended to children ages 12+ who either already have an understanding of the elements of art, or who have previously taken my Exploring the Elements of Art Workshop.  All drawing abilities encouraged to participate-this workshop is more observational than it is skill based.

What You'll Need

GLOkit What's a GLOkit?

This Workshop does not require a GLOkit.

Additional Supplies

Learners will need:

  • 9x12 Drawing paper (may use their sketchbook that they received if they already participated in the Exploring Elements of Art Workshop)
  • Pencils-2H and 4B
  • Artist's eraser
  • Colored pencils
  • A ruler
  • A few Q-tips
  • 3-4 favorite objects to use to draw from observation.  Learners may bring the same objects they used during the Exploring the Elements of Art Workshop, or new ones if they would like.  Once these items are gathered the participants will be asked to arrange them in whatever composition they choose experimenting with height, shape, texture etc.

Technical Requirements

You will need a device (computer or tablet) that is equipped with a camera, microphone, and speakers. For more information, please check out our Technical Requirements page.

Meet the Instructor

instructor headshot

Rose CamaraView Profile

Hello!  My name is Rose and I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I love living in Milwaukee because I can walk out of my apartment and sit right next to Lake Michigan.  I have a background in the visual arts, in both studio art and art history.  My educational background is in Art History - particularly Early Modern Italian/Venetian painting (roughly 1350-1650) and the image of Africans/people of African descent in these compositions.  In my art making I particularly love drawing, and I love finishing my drawings in ink.  I also love to make mixed-media drawings.  For these I'll use pencils, ink, gauche, colored pencils, pastels, charcoal, watercolor (and really any material I can my hands on) because these are the most experimental and playful!

My earliest memories of drawing and making art were when I was very young, maybe my early years of elementary school.  After school I would watch tv shows and I would sit and try to draw the characters for the duration of each episode.  I credit these early memories as the beginnings of my passion for art and making.

Today, I continue to draw every chance I get: on napkins in a cafe, scrap paper at work, in my sketchbook when on the go, or a large piece of Bristol paper in my apartment. Sometimes I doodle, sometimes I spend hours with a mixture of different materials to create something that is more "finished." Drawing and making my art is a means of staying playful and lighthearted.  I make art for me and to get my thoughts on paper. 

I want to teach drawing and the elements of art because I think a lot of people find (especially if they have no experience) that art is intimidating to learn about and to make.  I am hoping that the Learners will leave my Workshop feeling good about filling a sketchbook no matter their skill level in drawing.  I want Learners to feel relaxed when they create something or while they are observing their surroundings.  And when they pick up their materials and draw in their sketchbooks, or anywhere else for that matter, I am hoping they do so with a sense of playfulness in mind.  Their art is for them before it is for anyone else, therefore Learners should feel free to express themselves as they please. 

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Drawing a Still Life with the Elements of Art