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Bilal Alji

Like we say in Morocco, every day it's a celebration! Our crafts here are timeless.

I am Bilal and I always loved sharing my culture with different people and travelers from around the world, so having the opportunity to teach to a younger generation makes me so happy!  Morocco is not the most famous country and a part of our cultures is almost forgotten so I want to make it alive again!

I grew up in a small northern city of Morocco where it was hard for me to start an artistic career.  At the age of 8, I started doing magic and dance, which combined my love of theater (I had been in theater since age 4).  Going on stage wasn't really a challenge for me, and helped me build self-confidence and self-independence, especially that I'm a self-taught artist.  At the age of 15, I made my first professional magic show in Nador and 600 people attended it.  The next year I started taking classes with an international multilingual theater lab, Instant Mix, to help me improve my acting and stage performance skills.  From there, I've opened myself up to different arts like singing, piano playing, drawing, fashion designing etc — nothing is better than a polyglot and multi-talented artist!   Now, I'm still building up my professional project and finishing my studies to be able to build a strong career that I've always wanted.

I have been crafting since the age of 4 when we started in kindergarten! I was always excited because crafts were so fun and easy to do!  Growing up loving those crafts, I decided to make more as decorations and made a lot to put all around my house!  I will definitely remember the day I made my first RED bracelet with the Fatima hand!  I still have it now!

In terms of art I love everything related to nature, like plants or natural scents or even wood!  Spices and medicinal plants are a go-to for my crafts!

I am excited to meet you — I love meeting new people, and creating and sharing my arts!  I live as one with the society surrounding me.  Moroccans are very social!

Bilal Alji
Bilal Alji